Tom Money – Growing an Improvement Consultancy Business | Ep #30

Tom Money - Improve and Consult

In this episode, Andrew sits down with Tom Money – founder of Improve and Consult. Improve and Consult was established to offer Lean Six Sigma services and HR/Recruitment best practice consulting as a single package.

Tom helps his clients improve their processes and performance of their teams by stripping out wasted time, effort and cost using Lean Six Sigma and DMAIC methodology.

Episode Notes:
[01:07] Tom introduces himself and his business Improve and Consult.
[02:40] Tom talks about work life blend as opposed to work life balance.
[05:15] What Lean Six Sigma is (removing waste in processes and reducing variation in output).
[11:00] Tom explains what a consultancy is and what a consultant does.
[12:43] What makes a good consultant? Listen, listen and listen.
[14:11] How do you handle the employees of clients who might be rattled by the presence of a consultant.
[19:37] How does Tom manage both his clients and at the same time manage his own business.
[20:50] Outsourcing business development and the sourcing of client contacts
[21:52] Using drip mail campaigns to win new business (Prospect.io).
[23:44] The importance of networking to learn new skills and ideas for your business.
[24:58] Using HubSpot CRM to record new business activity and client engagement.
[26:34] Tom explains his approach to business development in terms of volume.
[27:56] How Tom is marketing Improve and Consult.
[31:38] What’s been Tom’s biggest challenge to date and how did he overcome it?
[34:21] Having a proof of concept before starting your business.
[37:25] Having second thoughts about entrepreneurship and taking a job.
[38:36] Strategies and tactics to calm start-up anxiety.
[42:44] What does Tom do to turn off from his business.
[47:02] Tom’s recommend book is The 4 Hour Workweek by Tim Ferris.
[50:29] Who is Tom’s biggest inspiration and why?


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