Amy Win – Creating an Award-Winning Social Enterprise That Runs Cookery Courses, Food Business Training and Catering | Ep #28

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Amy Win - 4Lunch

In this episode, Andrew sits down with Amy Win – founder of 4Lunch, an award-winning social enterprise that runs cookery courses, food business training and catering. Episode Notes: [00:48] Amy introduces herself and her story. [02:04] Setting up a social enterprise. [05:28] Finding help and getting a mentor. [07:20] How 4Lunch operates as a social Read More


Should You Be BLOGGING In 2018? | Ep #1

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Should You Be BLOGGING In 2018?

Should you be blogging on 2018? — With so much change that’s constantly happening with search engines, the arrival of voice and the ever-changing social media algorithms we explore if blogging is still an important part of marketing in 2018 — #AMBITIOUS is a video channel and podcast presented by Andrew Leong. The purpose of Read More