Phil Birss – From Bedroom Start-up to Boardroom | Ep #33

Phil Birss - Elephant Digital

In this episode, Andrew sits down with Phil Birss – Co-founder and MD of Elephant Digital. Elephant Digital is a creative agency based in Liverpool delivering branding, website development and digital marketing services.

Episode Notes:
[01:06] Phil introduces himself and Elephant Digital.
[03:57] How does Phil juggle running a business, being a family man, and all the other projects he’s involved with?
[05:58] How Phil went from working in the marketing industry to setting up Elephant Digital.
[12:01] Did Phil jump straight in at the deep end or set Elephant Digital up as a side business first?
[13:21] What was Phil’s process and journey from the beginning to what Elephant Digital is today?
[16:17] In a highly competitive industry, how has Phil made Elephant Digital standout?
[18:21] Where does Phil spend most of his time in the business now?
[19:30] How does Phil find and hire staff?
[23:23] What did the early days of Elephant Digital look like and what was Phil focusing on during that time?
[26:26] Phil shares his biggest challenge to date.
[29:34] Where is Phil taking Elephant Digital next?
[31:54] Has Phil implemented anything in his life that has made a massive impact of improved his life?
[35:40] The difficult and mental challenges of running a business.
[38:14] Does Phil ever lose focus and how does he refocus?
[41:31] Phil shares his philosophy of not taking life too seriously and look after your own health.


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