Lee Hackett – CEO of Bluprint | Ep #31

Lee Hackett - CEO of Bluprint

In this episode, Andrew sits down with Lee Hackett – CEO of Bluprint. Bluprint is a consultancy that specialises in marketing technology.

Episode Notes:
[00:33] Lee Hackett CEO of Bluprint introduces himself and tells us his journey.
[02:13] How Lee transitioned from professional footballer to business management.
[03:30] Lee tells us more about Bluprint and how the company started.
[05:50] What’s been Lee’s biggest challenge?
[07:54] What’s Lee’s mindset and driving force for wanting a global business?
[09:54] How does Lee manage culture in a global business with offices in different cities across the world?
[11:10] Digging into Lee’s mindset and how he thinks.
[15:06] Why Lee has kept Bluprint based in Liverpool?
[16:43] How does Bluprint market a complex business (marketing technology consultancy)?
[18:12] What does Lee do to switch off and step back from work?
[20:12] How did Lee develop his discipline?
[22:06] What podcasts and books does Lee consume?
[24:22] Who inspires Lee?
[25:48] What is Lee’s opinion on the future of the marketing?


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