Jonathan Quinn – Inventrepreneur, Engineer and Founder of Quinnovations Group | EP #27

Jonathan Quinn

In this episode, Andrew sits down with Jonathan Quinn – inventrepreneur, engineer, founder of Quinnovations Group and a Board Director of Wirral Chamber of Commerce.

Episode Notes:

[00:49] Jonathan introduces himself, his businesses and his background in engineering.
[01:30] Jonathan starts his first business.
[03:45] Jonathan starts Blockwalls, a bespoke concrete block manufacturer.
[03:50] How Jonathan got into engineering.
[07:20] Seeing opportunities and coming up with solutions.
[08:45] Jonathan’s business problem-solving thought process and coming up with Sonox, a portable ultrasonic cleaner.
[12:12] Developing Sonox.
[13:05] Jonathan talks about his strategy for growing Sonox.
[13:48] How Jonathan finds financial investors.
[15:10] How to pitch for finance.
[17:14] Jonathan’s role at the Wirral Chamber of Commerce.
[20:00] The importance of putting in the work at networking and corporate membership societies.
[20:38] How Jonathan juggles so many different commitments.
[22:10] Helping people get back into work through work experience.
[23:11] Combining an engineering and an entrepreneur’s mindset.
[24:13] How Jonathan got on to TEDx Talks and becoming Business Man of The Year.
[26:41] Jonathan’s biggest challenge to date and how he overcame it.
[29:57] What shaped Jonathan’s personality.
[31:05] What’s Jonathan’s vision for Quinnovations.
[32:34] Jonathan introduces another of his businesses EV Range Extender, which is an engine for electric vehicles.
[34:35] How an engineer sees the world?
[36:20] What Jonathan does to escape the business world and get some downtime.
[36:57] phoneandpay.co.uk is an app that’s helped Jonathan, also using a calendar to get more organised.
[38:17] Who inspires Jonathan and why.
[39:02] Jonathan message is to go out there and help people.

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