Dave Cottrell – Mindset by Dave | Ep #32

Mindset by Dave

In this episode, Andrew sits down with Dave Cottrell – Founder of Mindset by Dave. Dave is a mindset coach helping people live their lives in a way where they no longer just survive, but thrive.

Episode Notes:
[00:43] Dave Cottrell introduces himself and his business.
[06:06] We discuss whether people are becoming more open about mental health and mental ill-health, or whether it’s the times we live in that are causing an increase in menal health issues.
[11:19] What does a mindset coach do and how does it work?
[21:41] Dave tells us about his “A Life A Day” campaign, where Dave is trying to positively impact 365 people’s lives for FREE during the year.
[30:49] How does Dave manage his own mindset and mental health running a business and helping everyone else with their own mindset?
[33:55] We dive into Dave’s marketing strategies and tactics.
[42:34] What’s Dave’s favourite book?
[43:10] Who inspires Dave?


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