Chris Hickey – Building an Executive Headhunting Business | Ep #29

Chris Hickey - Mercury Hampton

In this episode, Andrew sits down with Chris Hickey – co-founder of Mercury Hampton an executive recruitment and headhunting agency.

Episode Notes:
[00:45] Chris introduces himself and his story.
[02:08] Why Chris setup Mercury Hampton.
[08:07] Chris explains how he educates his clients on his recruitment methodology and way of working.
[11:08] Andrew asks Chris which is was the most challenging, recruitment or working in the Royal Airforce.
[13:47] How the Royal Airforce affected Chris’s mindset.
[13:51] Chris explains how he became a top biller.
[19:46] Andrew asks Chris what the transition was from being a top biller in a firm to opening up his own recruitment agency.
[21:15] What was going through Chris’s mind when he set up Mercury Hampton.
[22:47] Where Chris spends most of his time in Mercury Hampton.
[24:41] What has been Chris’s biggest challenge today.
[26:07] Chris shares his vision for the future.
[27:37] How has Chris kept his individuality and his own personality in the recruitment world.
[31:30] Artificial Intelligence in the recruitment industry.
[33:37] How TED Talks has made a big impact on Chris’s life and business.
[36:29] What skill does Chris believe has contributed the most to his success.
[38:34] Chris tells us who is his biggest inspiration.
[40:37] Chris shares his contact details for anyone who wants to contact him or Mercury Hampton.


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