Chelsea Mills – Fashion Entrepreneur From Car Boot to TOPSHOP | Ep #26

Chelsea Mills: Miss Mills

In this episode, Andrew sits down with fashion entrepreneur Chelsea Mills the founder of Miss Mills.

Miss Mills is a clothing brand which is sold in TOPSHOP, The Albert Dock and through the Miss Mills website.

Epsiode Notes:

[00:50] How Miss Mills began.
[03:50] From car boot to market stall.
[05:25] Facing adversity and wondering whether to continue or not.
[06:14] Selling from a market stall to launching in TOPSHOP.
[07:09] Plucking up the courage to sell in salons.
[09:35] Using visualisation alongside the work to achieve goals.
[12:45] Following a passion for fashion.
[13:32] Learning about the fashion industry without a degree or experience.
[14:32] The product development process.
[15:04] Running a fashion retail business.
[16:37] Learning about retail from the experts in TOPSHOP.
[18:29] Managing retail stores in different cities.
[21:30] How Miss Mills drives online sales.
[22:21] Chelsea’s biggest challenges and how she manages them.
[22:52] Knowing your customer base and segmentation.
[27:28] Starting from the beginning again what would Chelsea do differently?
[28:46] What does Chelsea think about most of the time?
[29:38] Downtime and turning off from the business.
[30:10] Chelsea’s reading list: She Means Business by Carrie Green & The Rules of Wealth by Richard Templar.
[31:17] Working as a security guard while Miss Mills took off.
[36:00] Chelsea has taken up Yoga to reduce stress.
[36:47] When losing focus or suffering from self-doubt Chelsea uses self-reflection to remember how far she has come. She also has a great support network from her family and partner. Chelsea is very grateful for the support and learning from her colleagues at TOPSHOP.
[38:57] Chelsea shares her advice to anyone wanting to start a business.

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