Amy Win – Creating an Award-Winning Social Enterprise That Runs Cookery Courses, Food Business Training and Catering | Ep #28

Amy Win - 4Lunch

In this episode, Andrew sits down with Amy Win – founder of 4Lunch, an award-winning social enterprise that runs cookery courses, food business training and catering.

Episode Notes:

[00:48] Amy introduces herself and her story.
[02:04] Setting up a social enterprise.
[05:28] Finding help and getting a mentor.
[07:20] How 4Lunch operates as a social enterprise.
[09:23] How Amy has used 4Lunch to impact society and help people start their food businesses.
[13:19] Where Amy spends most of her time in 4Lunch.
[16:08] How Amy learnt to cook.
[19:11] Following passion over following the traditional career route.
[25:50] What strategies and tactics has Amy used to add structure to entrepreneurial life.
[30:14] Building a business around what works best for you and your sleeping patterns.
[36:24] Amy’s vision for 4Lunch.
[40:04] Will Amy start a YouTube cooking channel or bring out a cooking book?
[41:41] Creating Airbnb experiences (Social Impact Experiences)
[43:12] How Amy comes up with ideas for 4Lunch and then makes them happen.
[46:15] Starting a meditation course by Sam Harris.
[50:20] Recommended book: The War on Normal People: The Truth About America’s Disappearing Jobs and Why Universal Basic Income Is Our Future by Andrew Yang.
[51:57] Who inspires Amy.
[55:06] Amy’s most valuable skill for her business is web development and SEO.
[56:43] Amy’s advice for anyone who is starting a business and feels overwhelmed.
[57:40] Contact details for any one who wants to reach out to Amy.


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